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Our Services

Virga Labs develops interactive decision support tools and immersive storytelling mediums that create actionable data experiences for our clients and their collaborators. Our products are designed to support operations, planning, and decision-making at local and regional scales, ranging from public-facing dashboards with high traffic to smaller bespoke customer-specific analyses and tools.

Consulting and Development



Our team has deep expertise in the development of cloud-based, modern streamlined data pipelines, which transform complex data into visual dashboards, analysis pipelines, and other products.



We create bespoke analyses to answer specific questions by leveraging a wide variety of data sources, including modeled data, client-specific data, financial data, or other static or real-time data.



Our user-centered designs create dynamic data visualization platforms, interactive web-based dashboards, and static explanatory visualizations that drive decision making.



Our experts translate technical content and information for targeted audiences through the development of infographics, social media, websites, and other  platforms.

Decision Making for an Uncertain Future

The Virga Labs team has deep expertise in Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty (DMDU) methods, an essential tool in addressing the challenges of water management in the midst of today’s climate issues. The evaluation of stakeholder trade-offs and the complex data manipulation and visualizations required to communicate a variety of potential future scenarios are key aspects of most of the projects we have partnered on to date, and making decision science accessible to all audiences is a key part of the Virga Labs mission.

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