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Our Work

Virga Labs brings data to life. We pride ourselves in providing quality products to our partners in different mediums.  You can find work examples on Decision Support Tools, Stakeholder Communication, Technical Reports, and Data Visualization.


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Colorado River Basin Post-2026 Operations Exploration Tool

As part of the ongoing National Environmental Policy Act process to replace the operating guidelines for the Colorado River Basin that expire at the end of 2026, Virga Labs collaborated with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to develop a freely available tool that allows any interested stakeholder to create and evaluate potential operational strategies in the Colorado River Basin using the Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty framework.



Built with the goal to democratize access to the Colorado River Simulation System model, RiverViz is a collection of dashboards that visualize potential future conditions in the Colorado River Basin. This free tool allows users with little to no technical skills to evaluate projected reservoir conditions, energy generation potential at the major hydropower facilities, and water supply availability across various future scenarios.


Colorado River Status Tracker

This public-facing website provides tools for understanding current reservoir conditions and the impacts of potential solutions to reduce water use on the Colorado River to avoid deadpool. The two dashboards leverage live feeds of Colorado River storage conditions and operations data along with powerful interactive graphics to facilitate real-time scenario development.

Stakeholder Communication


Colorado River Resilience

Created to share stories about Colorado River Resilience, this dynamic website hosts a variety of continually updated materials including PDF facts sheets, published news stories, featured videos, and in-depth case studies of current and past resilience projects across the Colorado River Basin.


Resilience Project Funding Database

Cataloging ongoing resilience projects throughout the Colorado River Basin, this interactive map provides a graphical search interface for a continually updated, shared project database. The map can be filtered by strategy or state, providing users with quick access to basic project details, links to associated fact sheets, video highlights, and additional resources.


Ten Strategies For Climate Resilience in the Colorado River Basin

The website created for the Ten Strategies for Climate Resilience in the Colorado River Basin provides an example of a simple but visually compelling landing site that can host a variety of different products related to a communications campaign. In addition to providing access to the report itself in various formats and levels of detail, the site also provides a useful tool for querying federal funding opportunities that can be leveraged in order to make these investments. 


Colorado River Conversations Scenario Planning

Virga Labs partnered with the University of Arizona to host a series of scenario planning workshops on the intersection of extreme climate, economic, and social events that could significantly shift future conditions in the Colorado River Basin. To facilitate a robust dialogue at the workshops, we designed a series of written and illustrated materials and facilitated a sequenced conversation about the feasibility, impacts, and solutions of eight custom-crafted, research-driven future scenarios.

Technical Reports


Ten Strategies Report

The Ten Strategies Report provides a counter-narrative to the usual doom-and-gloom climate stories in the Colorado River Basin by showcasing efforts that can help adapt to change, reduce pressure on water supplies, mitigate carbon emissions, and strengthen local economies. Strategies included in the report range from well-demonstrated to emerging to innovative solutions. These strategies were selected because they are reasonably feasible to implement and can meaningfully contribute to climate resilience outcomes.


National Assessment of Job Creation and Economic Benefits for Environmentally Beneficial Investments

Virga Labs (then Martin & McCoy) performed a literature review to compile academic articles and white papers on job creation and economic benefits associated with environmentally beneficial investments across three key regions in the United States. The resulting report offers nationwide economic analyses related to the value of environmentally beneficial investments in water resources management.


Exploration of Methods and Tools to Enhance Stakeholder Engagement in the Colorado River

This whitepaper details the process and results of Virga Labs’ (then Martin & McCoy) research and engagement with the Bureau of Reclamation on experimental design and testing of new stakeholder engagement strategies. Efforts included research and evaluation of potential online technologies, design of an interactive facilitated stakeholder dialogue, development of a tailored commenting form that was integrated with back-end analysis tools, and development and implementation of an evaluation plan.


A Survey of the Bureau of Reclamation’s Decree Accounting Reports in the Lower Colorado River Basin

In an effort to determine both the historic utility and long term limitations of Reclamation’s Decree Accounting Reports, Virga Labs (then Martin & McCoy) completed a detailed analysis of these records of water deliveries and conservation savings from 1964 to 2019. Trends identified across the more than five decades of record keeping are discussed in detail, as are recommendations for potential improvements that could provide greater insight into currently unaccounted for water usage and conservation.


Data Visualization


Engaging with Uncertainty

During the National Adaptation Forum 2024 conference Virga Labs led a workshop on the XLRM concepts within the Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty (DMDU) framework in the context of climate change. This summary of workshop responses highlights the power of compelling data visualizations in capturing participant engagement and encouraging follow-up activity.


Drought and the State of the Colorado River

This infographic helps catalyze action by communicating the urgency of the drought in the Colorado River Basin, identifying solutions, and highlighting two key opportunities to advance solutions. This simple product demonstrates how Virga Labs (then Martin & McCoy) can boil down and make relevant critical information generated from highly technical sources into an engaging, accessible graphic format.

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